Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Anti-Indian bias... in Sunnyvale???

The owner and manager of a large Sunnyvale, Calif., apartment complex have settled a housing discrimination suit for$100,000, which alleged that Indian American tenants had been segregated into a less-desirable section of the property. The suit alleged that the pair refused to rent the more desirable cathedral ceiling apartments at Remington Grove to Indian Americans. One of the reasons for placing certain sections of the apartment complex off limits to Indian Americans was that they cooked food that stinks up the place.

Same thing happened with my friend in Belmont. Bunch of Indians sued their landlord lady as well. Crazy but at least their voices are heard.
in olive west, the information sheet given to new tenants is specifically targeted towards indians. It has instructions about turmeric stains, not cutting vegetables on the counter-top (this could be for anyone I guess), using trash-bags instead of regular plastic bags etc.., using dishwasher detergent for the dishwasher.. and the list was quite demeaning from what I remember.
We had carpet cleaners come to our house today and one of the guys went on and on about turmeric, sindoor, saffron and other "desi" substances and their super staining capabilities. I doubt if they are any worse than other things -- beer, for example -- at causing long-lasting stains, no?
indians create a mess for sure
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