Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Economist Blog: If Bloomberg thinks he can run without making a fool of himself, he will

In this blog post, the says Bloomberg will run for the thrills, as long as he's sure he won't make a fool of himself:
The only real question in Mr Bloomberg's mind is going to be this one: "Will I make a fool of myself?"

The money is not a factor as such. Assuming Mr Bloomberg is indeed worth $10 billion and up, a half-billion dollar campaign bill would be—well, not small change, but certainly money he could well afford without the slightest change to his lifestyle or sense of security.

Does he need a reasonable expectation of winning? No. All he needs is the possibility of winning—which is to say, the confidence that his candidacy will be taken seriously. Short of being president, the next-biggest (if shorter-lived) thrill in American public life is being in contention for the job.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Indians in Silicon Valley are worth a cumulative $60 billion

According to Financial Times:
Alienating Indian-Americans is an increasingly expensive prospect in US politics. With a median income of $61,000 (£31,700, €45,500) compared with a national median of $41,000 according to the US census bureau, Indians are the richest ethnic group in America. More than 300,000 Indians work in Silicon Valley, where their average income is $200,000.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Obama the Stupid

Check out this memo that his campaign put out, dissing Indian-Americans and the Clintons for their connection to Indian-Americans.


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