Friday, February 10, 2006

Best Buy Numbers on Their Wall

Really informative story on Best Buy's cryptic wall numbers.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Government telcos in India go aggressive

BSNL, the government-owned Indian telephone company that used to make us wait for 10 years or more for a phone connection, is now all charged up and competing head-on with cellular providers and others. They provide the cheapest high-speed Internet service in most parts of India, and are now flattening out long-distance calling at Re. 1 per minute. That's still not flat rate, but that can't be far away. They are taking a Rs. 5000 crore/year hit with expectations of higher revenues.

This can only be gut-wrenching for the PCOs (Public Call Offices) though. Today, most people still use PCOs for long-distance calling. If everyone starts connecting up long-distance from home, PCOs will not have much of a reason to exist. It's a good time for Internet entrepreneurs to help PCO-operators to transform themselves into community-ISPs or something of the sort.

Narendra Modi's anti-corruption drive

Narendra Modi's government launched a series of anti-corruption raids on government officials' houses.

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