Friday, March 19, 2004

They should design cars to look nice in a traffic jam

I was stuck in a bit of a traffic jam today on Highway 280. The highway is beautiful right now - all the hills and trees are green. But the road looked awful. I tried to convince myself that even the cars looked nice. But try as I might, I was unable to find anything I liked about the derrieres of the sea of cars in front of me. When I was on top of a valley, even the tops of the cars did not look nice.

Now cars don't look all that bad from the front. Some, for example the Hummer, are downright cute. But how many times do you see a car from the front? Most of the time, you're looking at its butt, whether in the parking lot or on the road.

So here's my request to car designers: design for the traffic jam.

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