Thursday, April 24, 2003


The phrase geezer glut was heralded into the lexicon by WordSpy this week (Over 11% of the population of the US will be over-65 in the year 2021). Coincidentally, I find myself in Daytona Beach this week where more than 10% of the population is over-65 today. The world of 2021 will look, feel and sound very different - maybe like Daytona Beach, Volusia County today. Some examples:

I'm staying at this Hampton Inn in Daytona Beach. Every morning, there are a bunch of overweight guys in their 50s in their shorts, sneakers and T's, guffawing loudly and munching muffins at the breakfast table. I think they're here to play softball.

So I'm walking to the elevator in the evening and run into two of these guys. Two women in the same age group walk out of the elevators with a hotel trolley full of clothes and suitcases. One of the guys guffaws, "Are you moving in here, ladies, or what? How many days are you here for?" "Couple 'a days," they laugh. One of the guys and I get into the elevator, but keep the door open for the other guy, who's chatting away with the women... The guy in the elevator now wants to join them too, and almost walks out of the elevator but in the meantime the other guy gets in and the elevator closes.

"I'm telling you she wants me."

"They're here to play tennis, right? She told me they're here to play tennis."

"She likes me. I think she wants me."

"I have her room number."

"Ha ha ha..."

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