Monday, December 25, 2006

My recommendation on "Talk of the Nation"

* Go to the Talk of the Nation recording on the NPR website for Dec 25: Here is the link
* Click on the "Books of the Year and the Season" section
* Listen to the recording
* Go to approximately 12:55 minutes into the recording (the Realplayer version)
* Listen to my recommendation


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jews and Christmas

Since I've been hanging out with Ed quite a bit, I've realized that the whole "Happy Holidays" (instead of "Merry Christmas") fad probably comes primarily from Jewish people. It seems funny to me, since it was a Jewish friend of mine who gave me a little Christmas tree as a gift 5 years ago. Nice article in the NY Times.


SOAP/REST is problematic, so is RSS

Now that Google has dropped its SOAP search API, the next thing to go will surely be RSS feeds from all those blogs like GigaOM. They, too, will be replaced by AJAX APIs in the very near future, which would suck in so many different ways, especially for mobile devices.

Update: Actually, they're already embedding ads inside the RSS feeds. Duh!


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