Monday, November 27, 2006

Shopping for a laptop

I have spent the whole Thanksgiving weekend just looking for a good laptop. The default choice was a Thinkpad T60, but I baulk at the $300+ it costs over and above other brands with similar specs.

So I went to Micro Center and Fry's and checked out their wares. Toshiba has some attractive offerings: the Toshiba Satellite line is very reasonably priced and I was excited. I came home and read up some more and realized that the Toshibas are not very good at battery life. Another thing: these Satellites have the worst processors in each category. So, for example, the Toshiba Satellite A105-S4284 has the Intel Core Duo T2050 processor which is like the wussiest Core Duo Intel produced. And the A105-S4324 has the wussiest Core 2 Duo processor. The 4324 has a 160 GB hard drive, but the processor is more important than the hard drive, no?

Then I realized that Lenovo has this Lenovo 3000 line which is significantly cheaper than the Thinkpad. But people have done their homework and have shown that the 3000s are cheaper because they are not as robust as the Thinkpads.

I then turn my attention to the MacBook - it has the Core 2 Duo and has all sorts of other cool features. Turns out that the MacBook is too 'plasticky'. If you want something robust, you need the MacBook Pro and that starts at $2K - way too expensive. Plus, the MacBook Pro is not as good as the Thinkpad when it comes to running Windows. MacBook Pro, also because of its metal casing, does not do WiFi all that well. So if you're looking for a Windows workhorse, get a Thinkpad.

Alright, so how about the Thinkpad Z series instead of the T series? Nope - that doesn't work either. The T series has much better battery life.

Basically, I should have bought the T60 without wasting all this time.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Taxi No. 9211

Must listen: Taxi No. 9211 - Boombai Nagariya
Laakh laakh roz aake bas jaate hai
Iss sheher se is dil laga ke phas jaate hai
Sone ki raahon mein soone ko jaaga nahi
Shola hai ya hai bijuriya dil ki bajariya bambai nagariya


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