Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Silicon Valley booming

Hwy 280 has been extremely crowded since the beginning of this month. Prediction: Q4-05 will be a very big quarter for jobs in the Silicon Valley.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Windows Starter version for India for 1000 rupees

If Microsoft is serious about this announcement and if it is successful, it could be a great thing for Microsoft, but also a big win for intellectual property.

While music is copied in India, large-scale piracy has been largely held in check by low cost audio cassettes and CDs produced by companies like T-Series. Piracy of books has been limited by the India-specific versions from various publishers.

Rs. 1000 is a good price for a computer Operating System. Microsoft does give $25 worth of value. Provide quality at an affordable priceand your product won't get pirated. No need for courts or law enforcement to get involved either.

Will Big Pharma be equally smart in India?

Journalists can't stop writing about themselves

The Judith Miller story is totally weird: there was no crime, yet there was a half-asssed imprisonment. Unbelievable waste of pixels, newsprint and readers' time. Journalists are more self-centered than any other community, except lawyers maybe.

Google's WiFi Plans

Yahoo is becoming a media company ('exclusive' news webcasts etc),
Google is becoming an ISP (answering San Francisco's RFP for WiFi
access) and eBay may become a telco. The web companies are taking a much
more prudent approach now compared to 1999. eBay's bet is the riskiest,
since they have taken a big bang approach through Skype. But even there,
they are holding back on additional $1.5B (over the $2.6B) until Skype
achieves a certain level of market penetration.

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