Sunday, August 24, 2008

GPS-driven business idea

GPS devices and Google Maps directions often turn out to be very different from the more "conventional" ones. For example, my Garmin GPS took me on Hwy 152 past Hwy 5 all the way to Hwy 41 on my way to Yosemite from San Jose - I'd never taken that route before.

As more people rely on GPS for directions, it'd make sense to set up motels and restaurants along these routes...


Heh. Ya, if the GPS company changes the algorithm slightly, your business is done with. :) No, but seriously, that will happen depending on how people travel. Patels are way ahead of the game.
GPS gives shortest path routes yaar... They don't change unless a new road is built or something. Of course, traffic patterns have to be taken into account too, but this is a surefire hit.
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