Wednesday, January 09, 2008

OLPC and the $2500 car: Destined for similar fates

The $2500 car is getting crazy amounts of press. Just like the $100 laptop did a while back. But the similarities don't end just there.

The $2500 car can barely be called a car, same as the $100 laptop is barely a laptop. The car has no safety features and cannot drive faster than 44 mph.

The $100 laptop was an insult to kids in developing countries, and the $2500 car is an insult to the adults there.

Tatas have a poor track record with passenger cars, but who cares to fact-check? The environmentalists are complaining about the harm proliferation of such cars could cause to the environment. But they can rest easy - no one is going to buy what promises to be a piece of crap.

PS: The $100 laptop costs about twice as much, and so will the $2500 car.

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