Saturday, August 18, 2007

We are like that only

Our cricket obsession (via Prem Panicker):
But the final cake is really taken by this Gujarati family who organised a “one day international cricket match” between the bride’s side and groom’s side, as part of the pre-wedding festivities, at the Oval in Mumbai, where they rented a part of the ground, erected a pavilion, complete with commentators on the P.A. system analysing the play, drinks interval , third umpire (God only knows what he did). The only thing international about this was the mother-in-law’s Tiffany earrings. The audience came in all the pre-wedding finery, there were comments and hooting, some ladies did the Mexican wave; lunch was served to all the invitees. The Oval ground in Churchgate is not really designed for such social occasions. At the end of the day, those that wanted to visit the bathroom had a problem, and true to the spirit in which the game was played, the solution was found at Churchgate Station, which saw a whole bunch of ladies in finery, old folks with gilt edged walking sticks, accompanied by muddied young people with knee pads rushing in to use the loos, before returning to the “pavilion”.

How do I know all this? My friend (who was the groom’s aunt) attended, and her husband batted at no 4.

Out for a duck.

We are like that only…

Crazy Cricket Fanatics!!
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