Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Indians in Silicon Valley are worth a cumulative $60 billion

According to Financial Times:
Alienating Indian-Americans is an increasingly expensive prospect in US politics. With a median income of $61,000 (£31,700, €45,500) compared with a national median of $41,000 according to the US census bureau, Indians are the richest ethnic group in America. More than 300,000 Indians work in Silicon Valley, where their average income is $200,000.

You say their average income is 200K!!
Says Financial Times...
These days 200K is the new "six figure salary"...
I do not live in the Silicon Valley and am way far away from $200K! So there!
"Average" is a pretty useless measure, as statisticians always like to point out. Vinod Khosla, for example, is worth $1 billion. That means 4999 other Indians (like me) need not earn a penny for the average to be $200K... :)
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