Monday, March 12, 2007

Swaminarayan action

The Times of India reports that Swaminarayan sadhus from BAPS(Pramukh Swami) and Vadtal got into a big fight over a temple wall. The cops obliged with "prohibitory orders", a baton charge and patrolling:

Sadhus belonging to two sects of the Swaminarayan order clashed on Monday in Gadhda town in this Gujarat district, prompting the police to lob tear gas shells and fire in air to disperse the crowd.

The police action followed after a huge crowd comprising locals and sadhus of the Swaminarayan sects gathered at a police station defying prohibitory orders. A police baton-charge failed to control the warring groups.

The incident was a fall out of this morning's clash between the sadhus and later with the police.

The clash between followers of Swaminarayan sects - Vadtal and Baps - erupted over construction of a temple wall here, police said.

When the police tried to intervene the crowd turned their anger on them and some of the sadhus tried to immolate themselves, they alleged.

Authorities lobbed tear gas shells in the morning to quell the crowd and also managed to control the situation by clamping prohibitory orders.

However, the dispersed groups managed to regroup in larger numbers in the evening.

There were no reports of any injury. No arrests have been made as yet. Police patrolling has been increased in the locality.


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Baps was never involved in the fight. The report is false. But it is expected as we are living in a world where false predominates over truth. No wonder!

To learn the whole truth:
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