Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ricky Ponting complains about too many matches against India

Ricky Ponting complains that Australia is playing too many games against India and not enough against the other countries. Before this, he was complaining about too much cricket in general. I don't think there is too much cricket. A few reasons:
  1. Australia could not play much cricket and be like New Zealand: a talented team that can't win on the big stage.
  2. It's wrong to diss the Indian advertiser and the Indian viewer who are basically underwriting the whole cricket venture around the world.
  3. There isn't too much cricket - NBA players play 80 games a year in regular season + the playoffs. From Cricinfo stats, it seems like the cricketers' workload is comparable - about 80-90 days of international cricket per year at most. It's harder for the bowlers, of course. But mature teams should be able to rotate their bowlers.

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