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Pramukh Swami on the throne

Pramukh Swami is the head of the main Swaminarayan sect (BAPS). As such he's an ascetic, but he's an amazing organizer and businessman too. BAPS is a thriving organization worldwide with lots of temples, including the stunning new Akshardham in New Delhi. His followers think he's God. Two thoughts about the image above:
Jai Swaminarayan!

Update: Some anonymous Swaminarayan devotee says Pramukh Swami is a sevak, das etc. I think Pramukh Swami should skip thrones and other ostentations. Doesn't behoove a das, imho. The swiftness of the response was impressive too. I'm going to now write a nasty post about Scientology one of these days and compare the response times.


Jay Swaminarayan!

One need to learn about Pramukh Swami's life and work before making any comment. At the age of 86, he is doing a great work for community, values and peace. His greatness is not from his asan, but from his work and devotion.

Let me make it very clear that his followers don't think he is Gid. Pramukh Swami is a saint, sevak, das and an ideal devotee of Lord Swaminarayan.
I completely disagree with the previous comment. Sevaks/das/saints do not roam around in air conditioned mercedez benzes with private chefs and such. They do not build super expensive huge temple complexes. They would be better off making a better school for the poor where education is free. I think the kind of money they have could be put to use in much better way by helping millions more.
Dear Friend:

its perfectly natural to think about building schools or making use of the money for social causes. You have compassion for all who are not as fortunate as you and this is a very noble thought.

Every jiva's purpose of coming on earth as per Bhagwan Swaminarayan is for attaining liberation (Vachanmrut Panchala - 1). Every religion has similar thoughts.

so if schools train you to excel in various professions of this world, temples train you to excel in spirituality and liberation of the soul.

I would also like to inform you that Pramukh Swami Maharaj also builds schools and BAPS does 160 humanitarian activities. Please refer to following link for Education Activities of BAPS.

for more questions on mandir, see

Write to me if you have more questions
Poor research Samir and Gaurav.
In fact BAPS is 100 year old organization and has accomplished a number of social activities.

Few examples.. (which i came to know through news (and not ads) )

1. Latur earthquake (1993) rehabilitation during Orissa floods.
3. Building villages (including schools and other village facilities) during Gujarat earthquake.
4. serve the Tsunami affected people.
5. Service during Surat and south gujarat floods

Many more such social works.

Some one said pramukhswami is a businessman..

He does not have a bank account and he does not have ANY property (in cash or otherwise) on his name (or any other sadhu's name for that matter).

The car he sits in is also not his property..

I would recommend writers of this blog page to study more about BAPS and its works before pinpointing to one specific man.

P.S. I am not one of the followers of BAPS neither am I a devotee. I am just an observer of their activities through past few years.

I am sure BAPs and Swaminarayan sect is doing awesome work in the society and I commend them for that. I, an observer from outside of the faith based sect, still do reserve a judgement on how the money is being spent. It doesn't really matter what I say does it? Its just a harmless observation.

No matter how much money is being spent to remove poverty or help unfortunate children/people, till there are poor people in the society, I will always question the decision to spend money on fancier temples and cars, especially by a saintly person whose life is devoted to helping the less fortunate people. If the same was being done by a normal person acting in self interest, no one would even question why they were spending the money that way. I am not saying that it is right or wrong, I am just saying that if it was up to me, I would spend the money in a different way.

hey guys..Reserve passing your judgements on BAPS and Pramukh Swami Maharaj from your mere observation.Have you ever been in His presence? Have you ever stood in the same room as Him? Until you EXPERIENCE HIS DIVINITY,SELFLESSNESS,SPIRITUALITY,PURITY OF HEART AND LOVE FOR HUMANITY, you will NEVER UNDERSTAND HIM.You do not observe Pramukh swami..You EXPERIENCE Him.Perhaps that is why millions around the world follow HIM.He is not GOD but reminds one of GOD. Further, you can only know what a person is really like when you spend time together. Pramukh Swamis life is an open book from His morning puja until he goes to sleep at night.Go and experience this for yourself. Have you actually met HIM or studied His life? Do you know anything about HIS life or the history of BAPS?. Before making any comments I think its only fair that you do your homework and thorough research first.

I am agree to Mahesh it is worth to study before saying something about anybody.
If you want to say something about anybody first know him well.
Also knowing is not just watching photos or blogs,etc.. about him. You have to spend some time to see or meet him or at least you have to stand with him to know him actually.
Here by "him" I mean anybody not especially H.D.H. Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

So, I suggest to spend some time to study about Pramukh Swami then write what you know.
I am Sandip.
In u r life how many money have u spend for poors,for building scholllls..etccc.
Now see at PSM.He works hard even at 89 years. What r u doing now and then?think of it.
If u r really intrested to get truth ask all armi officers,other ngos who helped in earthquaqe,tsunami... etc. listed in above comments...
Ask them & the people harmed by condition of nature at that time..& what great BAPS done with it.
Do U know when PSM's saints went for help in Earthquake all gov. officers - IAS were asking 4 money even at that time when people need help. Did U came to help spending time....
I hope u din't.
But think the situation when 4 a legal help we were asked 4 money(RISHWAT).
So only temples can increase the moral values in a person. If U want 2 check out then see any BAPS's youth.
Go 2 Akshardham Delhi & see comments of non BAPS followers on the honesty of us. U'll find thousands offfffffffff.
Haven't U seen roman catholic pop's with golden ornaments...
do U know thisss........

Indian people spends
500 cor ore rupee in Uttrayan
2000 cor ore in Diwali
2150 cor ore in Christmas
5 cor ore rupee is bill of 1 day of parlaiment of India(though they do nothing 4 country & ofcourse 4 poors also)
100 cor ore $ in swis bank
10^21 $ goes in currpotions only.

Now do u think that U can change this situation within few year????????

Now see APJ AbdulKalam's Ignited Minds book's 72-75 Pages.
U'll feel that what we are doing is really needed 2 get our society & country at least spiritually rich not religiously.

I have more & more 2 tell 4 days & days.
But I tired of typing.

So read twice if U have any doubt contact me directly on +919426757873

At all all the NGO's having Billion's of $ in donation only 4 poors but do u know the scandal's of NGOs'????
Obviously No
So, search in google.

If U have yet more question mail me them on also.
I'll feel good 2 answer u.

Last thing..
Do fill proud of u r Religion?
are three main pillars of our culture.

Have u ever heard any Muslim,Jews,Christian saying there is no need 2 spend money after masjids,sinegog,churchs.
If Yes then I'll cut my head and give it 2 U.
Jai Shree Swaminarayan...
By the way Mr. 9426757873,
There are 6 pillars of Swaminarayan Sampraday
1) Dev
Top three are Sthavar meaning they donot change. and rest 3 are jangam meaning they change.
This is Swaminarayan Sampraday and not BAPS which is just an Sanstha - which doesnot even have Swaminarayan name in BAPS. By the way please find me a name Akshar-Purushottam in any of the Original shashtra of Swaminarayan Sampraday like Shikshapatri, Satsangijivan, Vachanamrut or Bhaktchintamani. One cannot find a name which doesnot exists. Please ask your guru to explain you why you guys are such?
Easy. The guys another Sai Baba type figure head used to accumulate billions of dollars for his organisation.
Check out chino hills. Vanity at its extreme.
Pramukh by definition cannot be Das!! It is an oxymoron.
@Gaurav: Do you know what is Hinduism? Can you name all the Vedas and upnishads? did you read all of them? Did you read Vachanamrut? Did you read whole Gita? Can you elaborate any one slokas? Do any of this atleast once sitting on that shiny chair in front of 1000s of people.

Also, you think roaming around in Mecedez is fun like what HHD Pramukh Swami is having ( as per you he is doing the same all his life)....Try doing the same. Raoming in car, Eating at sevak's home, writing letters, giving advice, resolving issues, blessings, Puja. In short all what HHD Pramukh swami does, just do it for ONE WEEK if you can do it exactly just like him.

only then come back and comment. Else shut your mouth, stop bad mouthing.
@ Gaurav: Please do one thing. Ask the same question why you are building Mandirs instead of Schools to HHD Pramukh Swami while sitting on that glamorous Throne. You will Get the Answer and very convincing, trust me.

Secondly, Next you go there and sit on that Throne for 3-5 hour. And give a lecture why we should build only Schools and not mandir ... That to you should be able to convince the audience.

If you can then come back and comment. If not then stop this bullshit and go back to your den and whine.
jo bhai , Pramukhswami maharaj is the person who has made BAPS from zero to Hero . . . . And I know that you are not kid , asking this type of Questions and also pramukhswami deserves that throne about which you are talking , . ,.Even APJ Abdul Kalam respect the work , temple & sadhus of BAPS and you are NOTHING in front of Abdul kalam . . . .First improve yourself
and then talk like rubbish wayy. . . jsn . . .Pramukhswami maharaj ni JAY
MR. Shyamal Patel .. . .I dont think you are satsangi. . .coz you dont have that much knowledge of granthas .........First read gadhada pratham-71. . . . .then meet me to talk about this topic. . . .Even saints of your sampraday knows about aksharpurushottam upasna . . . but they are not believing becouse BAZZI HATH SE CHALI GAI HE!!!!!
I do not think that it is Pramukh Swami maharaj who is conducting the business, it is his followers who are interpreting his message incorrectly and they are the ones who have made all BAPs orgs into a money making pit. I just came back a few minutes ago from BAPS houston Deepavali function and I am sorry to say that these people have made this a money making place. They have converted the parking lot into a dining room for today so they can sell more food and make profit versus thinking about the devotees inconvenience in parking. What are these people thinking and doing. I am going to write to pramukh swami myself and let him know what is going on here.
Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention is that the BAPS houston org had hired dozens of sheriffs to control the traffic and the sheriff officers were so rude and not at all compasionate about women or children. I had 2 infants and they threatened to put me in Jail just because I requested them to allow my husband to drop me and the kids by the temple. All the Sheriffs I spoke to were very arrogant and rude, just as one said he would put me in jail another said that he is glad that the sheriff did not write a ticket because the I stopped on the major road. You think Pramukh Swami Maharaj would be trilled when he listens to this story. I am a very determined lady and I guarantee you that I am going to follow up on this and also follow up with Pramukh swami maharaj about this. Where is BAPS houston getting all the money to spend on the sherrifs.
If sant sadu don't have bank account and property in their name whose name is it in when some money is used its merely fraction of incoming, big chunks is used to build manificent mandir where bakto are not allowed without connection they have forgotten mandirs that were built by maharaj they should have abided by his words all baps have done is against hi whises
If you just calculate 1100. Mandir in baps minimum cost per mandi 1 million .shiker mandir are approx 100 million each that the power of swaminarayan baps and they say sant does not have in their name.there fore fraction is used on good causes.they have no regards for eldery and disable newly build delhi mandir don't have access to do darshan if your disabled
Schools and hospital that are built arnt always free to needy or cheap some times its more expensive then private school. I'm sure that if someone got sick and went to hospital it won't be free
Actual mandir where murti is basic size as in any mandir and all bakto are allowd but rest of mandir if your lucky with connection, so why the need for so huge mandir
I went india delhi aksherdham with my old mother with wheelcchairthere is no acces for wheelchir but theyhave access for pramukhswami s wheelchair is it fair
Name me one Sanatha that follow shishapatri this book was written by Hagan himself .people don't believe in this book they just believe in guru they call this specialspecial exemptions
The issue is Swaminarayan devotees claims him to be Supreme God. He does not have any single quality of GOD.

Sri Swaminarayan was a great vaisnav worshiping Lord Krishna as per Siksha Patrika. His followers want to be GOD and removed all information regarding Swaminarayan's GURU.

It is a Shree Sampradaya coming from South India. Unfortunately, Swaminarayan followers are kept in dark and not aware of truth.

How can Pramukh Swami be GOD if he is old man and can not walk. He cn not speak any thing but Gujarati. Most of their followers are from Gujarat. There is not a single book. They refuse to recognize Bhagavat Gita as scripture.
Let us get few things straight.
Yes, Pramukh swami has built many temples and there are over 700 sants under him.Performing this type of work and leading a sampraday is not an easy job. But, is this right. Swaminaryan had mentioned that do not go against the acharyas that I have placed. Swaminarayan had worshipped Lord Krishna while BAPS is trying to make us forget Krishna and worship Bapa. Vachnamrut or Bahgwat Gita are not discussed. Instead Pramukh Swami did this and that is discussed. Pramukh Swami who is still living has placed his own murti in Mandirs.

Hello all,
As i have read all the comments above and put all the comments on the real world scenario, i can say that the BAPS sanstha is a scam as per my opinion, because i have visited many BAPS mandirs and observed that there are more daanpetis compared to murtis of our real hindu god, as they are saying that pramukh swami is a god and we should obey his pravachans, all i say is all saints are doing is mind wash of people and asking for daan only, as they have billions of money why they are asking for more money to build new temples ?? can't they use the money they reserved, as i have seen in gurukul they are asking for higher education fees for education then any other educational institutions, and what are they doing in gurukul is just torturing on children, children have to wake up in the early morning doing puja and prartana and go to class and again doing puja at lunch and again doing puja at night,,,, all are they doing is puja and archna, let's talk about hospitals and health institutions, BAPS hospitals, if you go to BAPS hospitals you may pay higher fees then other hospital near by your home,
let's talk about akshardhaam mandirs, in akshardhaam the have setup a good platform to earn more money, why people going to akshardham, just to visit there and dharshan, these BAPS people has set up pradarshani over there and you know what they are asking for fees to see those pradarshani, if the want to make people aware about their sampraday then do it for free, and i am proud on our hindu brothers and sisters that they are paying for being fool by this so called survivors of humanity,

i know i am rude, but be hindu first and learn the vedas and follow gitaji to know real Hinduism, you will get all solution for the peace of your mind in gita not shikshaparti,
i have been following BAPS for more then 10 years but now i have open my eyes and i can say is follow BAPS by open eyes,
I have open my mind to the real world and all i can say is i can live peacefully when i left BAPS,

Jay shree krishna
You are fool for going to that museum in the first place. Why so much hungama for doing darshan
What is a 90 year old sadhu, who cannot hear or read going to do about a situation thousands of miles in a foreign country. Do you he is going to call the county and tell the Sherriff's to behave or else
You were a fool to join them in the first place. Took you ten years to realize you have been taken for a ride. Oh by the way don't downgrade the Shikshapatri. The one you were reading was probably a modified version rewritten by Bapa. Read the original Shikshapatri.
Pramukh swami is a GOD...they live uniq life...

The best person now a days in india..really great person...unke darsan karna or unko dekhna bhagvan ko dekhne k barabar...
The best person now a days in india..really great person...unke darsan karna or unko dekhna bhagvan ko dekhne k barabar...
Jai Swaminarayan,

Some people will never get it to feel the closure of Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

I read people complain about BAPA building temples. I read about him sited in high asan. I read about he not following Swaminarayan Bhagwan's aagna and all that.

To know about BAPA without knowing his guru's is useless. His guru Shashtriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj. Learn about them. They all have been so positive even in the times of hardship. Different people have come together and tried to kill them, even make sure that they are hated enough. Never have they lost it. Its our mentality that needs to change than any other thing.

Today, even the Acharya are saying to learn from BAPS Sampraday. I heard katha from juna mandir the other day and even they praise BAPA and how he makes his sant's and haribhakt's to follow the niyams.

People bring in one niyam and brag about it. Buddy you need to understand the whole story. Don't just brag what you are been told. People are so easily diverted these days. Building Temples is what Swaminarayan Bhagwan wanted. He built 5 temples remember?

BAPS still donates and help in all natural disasters. Don't ask anyone. Do proper research.
In Kuthch, BAPS built towns, not one or two house. TOWNS!

Swaminarayan Bhagwan has also said "Sant Param Hitkari". He also said " I desire to do darshan of a sant who has fulfilled all the 64 lakshans".

Why would we have sant's in our swaminayan sampraday? They are pure.

BAPA is form of GOD. He is GOD himself. Why I say that is if there is GOD on earth, the only pure body currently is of BAPA for him to reside. That is the reason we believe him to be form of GOD.

I will also tell one last thing; If you do not understand, don't talk about it.
"Avgun levo zer piva jevo chhe", Talking ill of anyone is not good and that's what Swaminarayan Bhagwan has taught. Talking ill of such a pure sant will destroy you.

If you have enough knowledge of vachnamrut you would know that.

Swaminarayan is saint not god because he told in shikshapatri that Krishna is supreme god Parabrahma
Instead of making and improving your lifes you have so much time to indulge in these arguements.Building schools is not the work of pramukh swami.Its the work of government.Why dont u clever guys stand in front of parliament and raise these issues.You will get a nice reply.Improve yourself guys.There is nothing in such arguements.Just as all rivers go n meet up in sea......same any name you chant or believe it ultimately goes to the ears of the supreme god. So stop such nonsense and chant the name of god.....any name which you like..........Rahul.
The issue is Swaminarayan devotees claims Pramuk Swami to be Supreme God. He does not have any single quality of GOD.He can not walk. He can not speak any language but Gujarati. He is like typical old man. He needs help to live. How can he be God.
As per Upanishad GOD (Krishna) has the following qualities:
sac-cid-ananda (possessing an eternal blissful body); He does not become old and get disease.
He is all attractive (Lord Krishna)
He is the richest. (He does not need money from his devotees to live or build temples)
He is full of knowledge( He knows everything)
He is the most famous. No one is more famous than him.
He is GOD for the whole creation, not just for few Gujaratis.

Does Pramukh Swami has any of above qualities? The answer is NO. So He is not GOD. He would be lucky if he is servant of GOD.

Sri Swaminarayan was a great vaisnav worshiping Lord Krishna as per Siksha Patrika. His followers want to be GOD and removed all information regarding Swaminarayan's GURU.

It is a Shree Sampradaya coming from South India. Unfortunately, Swaminarayan followers are kept in dark and not aware of truth.

How can Pramukh Swami be GOD if he is old man and can not walk. He cn not speak any thing but Gujarati. Most of their followers are from Gujarat. There is not a single book. They refuse to recognize Bhagavat Gita as scripture.

Yes, Pramukh swami has built many temples and there are over 700 sants under him.Performing this type of work and leading a sampraday is not an easy job. But, is this right. Swaminaryan had mentioned that do not go against the acharyas that I have placed. Swaminarayan had worshipped Lord Krishna while BAPS is trying to make us forget Krishna and worship Bapa. Vachnamrut or Bahgwat Gita are not discussed. Instead Pramukh Swami did this and that is discussed. Pramukh Swami who is still living has placed his own murti in 
Bhagwan Shri Krishna was the sole element of worshipping by the Guru of Sahajand Swami of the Swami Narayan Sampradaya :
At the age of 21, Sahajanand Swami was appointed successor to Ramanand Swami as the leader of the
<>Uddhav Sampraday by Ramanand Swami, <> prior to his death.
<>The Uddhav Sampraday henceforth came to be known as the Swaminarayan Sampraday.<>
According to sources he proclaimed the worship of one sole deity, Krishna or Narayana.
<> Krishna was considered by him his own ista devata. <>
In contrast with the Vaishnava sect known as the Radha-vallabha Sampradaya,he had a more puritanical approach, rather than the theological views of Krishna that are strongly capricious in character and imagery. While being a worshipper of Krishna, Swaminarayan rejected licentious elements in Krishnology in favor of worship in the mood of majesty, alike to earlier Vaisnava teachers, Ramanuja and Yamunacarya.

Sahajanand Swami was later known as Swaminarayan after the mantra he taught at a gathering.
We must remember that Subtraction of Krushna from the Hindus means our Hindus value is less then zero .
Its not bad to have saints in our society. They teach wisdom, spirituality, good manners and ethics which help a society run in a better organized way. Works like food donations, medical camps, children virtue activities, all this is good. I am never against our Hindu culture and the level of vastness our scriptures show with wits, Scientific application and also spiritually uplifting humans.


The true guru is one who holds courage to answer all deepest questions of the public. A true guru never wants his followers to trust his every word without realizing (not just knowing) the truth behind it.

A real saint never worries or wants vast number of followers or to become famous, He is contempt with what he gets and rejoices with the love of THE INFINITE within himself.

And some say BAPA only had a pure body in which GOD can reside lol. Just seek the God in yourself, in ur soul. U will never have to find God elsewhere. The SWAMINARAYANS take references from scriptures like Shrimad Bhagwat. That scripture says that God is in every piece of creation be it stones, flesh, atoms, light.....everything.

A real godly person may find the essence of GOD even in the small ants not just in Gold or silver or decorated marble IDOLS.

BAPA did many good things but so did PABLO ESCOBAR. well PABLO became a terror nightmare and BAPA could'nt let go of the luxurious life so he shared incomplete spiritual truth to stay on Throne.
Jay Swaminarayan ,

Though I am not a BAPS follower..But everyone keep one thing in mind that Pujya BAPA , Yogi bapa, and shashtri maharaj are not common like US their only goal is to join everyone in God and give liberation of so many souls..they came on earth for purpose so if they drive ultra business car or lives in palace they did not asked it for if they are my guru I will give them charted plane . so this how it works and they can digest all of this what we give them it is nothing for them ...let me tell you one thing yes you need to help poor that up to some extent because today you give them tomorrow again they will be same if you give one bread to one one person it is only good for that moment not for his soul ...if YOU BUILD TEMPLE IT IS GOOD FOR A LOT OF SOULS ..THIS HUMAN BODY IS NOT ETERNAL ..TEMPLES KEEPS YOUR SANSKRITI LIVE...OTHERWISE JEWS WILL COVER WHOLE WORD...I am not telling to anybody but here is what I think my self "IF I CAN'T JUDGE MY SELF HOW I AM,I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO JUDGE ANYBODY ON THIS EARTH AND STRICTLY NO TO SADHU OR JIVAN MUKTA"-----SO IN SHORT THIS HOW GOD WANTS AND IT IS GOING ON YOUR JUDGEMENT DOSEN'T MATTER NO MORE.
Rothschild converted an Indian into an avatar of Lord Vishnu more than 200 years ago.

Swaminarayan ( Ghansham Pande ) was cultivated by Rothschild —to create fissures in Hinduism.

Through the media they did false propaganda that this man mastered the Vedas, the Upanishads and Puranas by the age of seven –bull of the first order

The British used him to run down Hinduism and Adi Shankaracharya. The British encouraged him to establish his own mutts to run down Adi Shankaracharya’s mutts. It was arranged that only his bloodline could be acharyas.

He did propaganda about Lord krishna’s mistress Radha —when Radha did NOT exist.

The British got him to publish laws ( like Manu ) Shikshapatri – laws which suited the invader.

The British gave him money , land and power to build temples—and they would provide publicity in Rothschild media and even gun salutes as an avatar of god .

Why should a white invader give gun salutes to a brown religious leader? What is the catch ?

He was supposed to be Lord Vishnu himself cursed by Durvasa Maharishi to take an avatar - on earth as man.. TEE HEEEE !

The Rothschild controlled media did lot of propaganda using high level British East India Company employees.

Much before Gandhi this man was advocating that Hindus must practice Non-violence ( Ahimsa )—and if the British spat them on one cheek they must offer the other cheek.

The British used him to drive a wedge between high castes and low castes.- to destroy Hindu unity—like the way they used BR Ambedkar and EVR Periyar later on.

Like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the British Christian missionaries used him to tom tom against Sati and Vedic animal sacrifices, which never existed.

He did propaganda that Vedic priests ate beef.

Swaminarayan was against animal sacrifices as carried out by Brahmin priests during Vedic rituals,

Today this Rothschild created CON MAN – nay- God -- has more than 15 million followers.

Remember they have to power to harm you— for even today their gods are living conmen.. They have temples in the West – and have enough money.
capt ajit vadakayil
Hello jay shree Krishna
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