Friday, February 02, 2007

Dumbass Indian Consul General

From Gaurav: Indian Consulate in San Francisco left visa application unshredded out there. Instead of apologizing, they come up with these crazy reasons:

"As we see it, the documents are not confidential," said B.S. Prakash, the consul general. "We would see something as confidential if it has a Social Security number or a credit card number, not a passport number."

At the Indian Consulate, Consul General Prakash said there may be a cultural dimension to the level of outrage related to the incident among Western visa applicants.

"In India, I would not be alarmed," he said. "We have grown up giving such information in many, many places. We would not be so worried if someone had our passport number."

Deputy Consul General Sircar said that in other countries, Indian officials are able to go to the roofs of their offices and burn documents they're no longer able to store.

"In America, you cannot do that," he said.

From the best and brightest of India's babudom.


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