Sunday, January 07, 2007

RSS view of the world

I'm now getting all my web content (WSJ, NYT, CNN etc.) exclusively via Bloglines from today. I think it'll work. I use Bloglines from Treo also, and so it's going to be a lot better than checking 30 different websites separately.

Now if Bloglines can consolidate feeds from different sources on the same topic, that would be fabulous. Like cricket stories from Cricinfo and Rediff, and news stories from NYT, WSJ, CNN etc.

I am yet to figure out how to fix the issue with BoingBoing and Slate feeds where the same stories keep popping back up even after I've viewed them before.

Update: Got up this morning and there were 20+ feeds with lots of updates. But it was very efficient scanning them. Took less than a few minutes. I must say that MSM (mainstream media) is good at creating short, pithy summaries for their RSS feeds.

Absolutely, I would love if they keep making bloglines better. Its so much more efficient. I have the time to do lot more stuff and I don't miss out on anything.
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