Thursday, January 18, 2007

MIT OpenCourseWare not entirely useless after all

In the past, I've tried to look up courses that might be useful and follow them via the MIT OpenCourseWare website. Most of the courses have missing class lectures, case studies. The textbooks are obviously not accessible. The slides are skimpy and usually don't give the whole story. So I found them unnecessarily hyped and mostly useless.

I looked up an accounting course today though (Finance Theory II) and it's not so bad. I learned, for example, that it doesn't really matter if the business is financed thru debt or equity as such. BUT, from a tax point of view, debt totally rocks. News to me. True to form, Finance Theory I is not available on OpenCourseWare though.

Update: An interesting line: "Finance is too important to leave to the finance people..." Or so say the finance people.

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