Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ganguly back as captain - for an over or two

From Prem Panicker's report on the 4th ODI between India and W. Indies:

PostScript: An unlooked for moment came early in the West Indies chase. Sachin Tendulkar was off the field; Rahul Dravid pulled up with a knee niggle of some kind and, for a very brief while, the clock turned right back as Sourav Ganguly marshaled the field as default captain.

Tendulkar walked back onto the field shortly thereafter; Dravid was back an over later, too. But the roars that greeted Ganguly as he directed traffic spoke to the fact that in public perception, he is if anything larger today than when he was last seen in action.

Absence: nothing like it to soften the heart.

Funny. No "hai-hai"s for Dada this time.


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