Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Faxing and factoring

I bought a Canon MF3240 laser 4-in-1 (fax, scan, copy, print) for $200. I tested scan, copy and print functionality hoping never to have to use the fax. Yeah right. I didn't have to use the fax over the holiday season. But now the bank wants me to use it. Can you not scan the form and send it? Don't you have it on the Internet? No and nope. So I've had to connect the fax machine to the phone line and make it work. Haven't quite figured out how to get the fax machine to detect whether it's a voice call or another fax machine trying to call it (and yes, I *have* RTFM), but all in good time.

We send out invoices but people take their own sweet time to pay up. This one client has a 5 month payment policy, I kid you not! So Lakshmikant came up with this idea of using factoring. Those guys charge 1% for every 10 days!!! They email you the forms and are very quick though. :)

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