Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dirk's CostCo experience

Dirk has an awesome post on his blog about customer service in Germany vs. here in the US. I also love the few-questions-asked return policy at CostCo, Fry's etc. But they can and should go a step further, meseems. CostCo and Fry's have very competent employees at their returns counters. When they ask me a question, I'm willing to give pretty detailed feedback about the products. Why don't they record that feedback? They never seem to care. I wonder why. The manufacturers whose products these stores are selling should certainly care, no?

I bought an Acomdata hard drive enclosure from Fry's a couple of weeks back. The piece of s&*# just didn't work. I called up their support line, was on hold for 50 minutes and finally got thru. I was able to start the unit but it was very flaky. Finally I gave up. I went to Fry's to return it and started giving them detailed feedback, like Dirk. They just wouldn't listen. In this case, though, Fry's had had dozens of them returned and my additional data point was unnecessary.

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