Monday, December 04, 2006

Day 1

First full day as an entrepreneur. I thought it wouldn't be all that different, but it was. The day started as usual - rolling out of bed followed by a couple of conference calls.

But things started improving immediately. I didn't need to go anywhere - didn't need to show up to work just for the heck of it, for example. So I could take my time with stuff. I tidied up the living room a bit, read a few pages of "Maximum City", then went ahead and fixed myself some brunch too. Sure it was almost noon, but so what. I had to actually drive down to the Post Office instead of just dumping the mail in the "Outgoing mail" bucket, but I like going to the Post Office ever since they put those new self-service kiosks in - very efficient things those kiosks.

I started working after 1pm, but boy was I productive. Was only answering emails, but get this - every email was relevant! There were no silly "finsh your time sheet by Friday" business, for example. I spoke to customers, answered their emails, wrote to potential investors and they responded too. Very energizing.

After I finished work, fear did creep in a bit. Is this going anywhere, I wondered.

Well, we'll see...

Hang in there! You are on to something really big! Congrats on getting through your first day of the rest of your life!!
Good luck with your new venture!
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