Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sticky, sweaty Mumbai

(Morning of Nov 19, 2006)

I'm in Mumbai for the lest leg of my trip. It's Sunday and there is no traffic on the roads. The vehicles are all impressively staying in their lanes and even the rickety Fiat taxi I am in is doing 80+ kmph.

Mumbai looked green and full of character - unlike Ahmedabad or Hyderabad - from the plane. I had a window seat.

Ahmedabad has a new departure terminal which is neat and spacious. It's like Terminal 1A in Mumbai - the Indian Airlines terminal. 32 flights daily in and out of Ahmedabad - we needed one.

Siddhivinayak Temple - very fortress-like for a temple. Worli. Now the tall buildings start appearing - skinny and tall. Often ugly. Very little honking on the road, except from my cabbie. No major changes in Mumbai visible - and minor changes I wouldn't notice.

Sunny Gavaskar on abillboard - funny! Well-heeled richy-rich folks waiting at a bus stand - nice!

All the flyovers etc. are done and no sign of road construction for the next level of expansion. Haji Ali. I never knew *that* was the Heera-Panna Market.

Jaslok Rugnalaya. Cultural Center of Russia. Big saffron Chinese lantern hung at a crossroads with Shiv Sena written on it - funny. Yahoo! Mobile India signs are everywhere. Pointless, meseems.

Marine Drive. No changes - same as ever. Mantralaya. 'Horn for caution. Not for pollution' says a sign. Streets are quiet.

Have taken a metered taxi. There weren't any prepaid ones available.

Cuffe Parade. In 36 min! Not bad. Cobblestoned intersection, quiet streets and music from old movies.

Navy Nagar. Homi Bhabha Road. Almost there. I can see the end of the road - the sea.

You went from Santa Cruz to South Bombay, I think most of the construction is happening away from that route. Not a very complete picture of changing Mumbai.
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