Monday, November 13, 2006

Shivanand Ashram

My parents visit the Shivanand Ashram regularly. Located at the top of the hill on Satellite Road, it has a couple of nice little temples, a big hall with excellent acoustics and a yoga center.

When we reached there, the aarti was in progress. My mum took me to one side and showed me the nagaru (drum) being played by a mechanical drum machine - dhin dhin tak-a-tak. Pretty cool.

Swami Advaitanand, the local head priest, was leading a prayer recital in the big hall. A full camera crew was recording and mixing the recital and there was quite an audience too. The Swami has a great voice and the hall has excellent acoustics.

The yoga center is in the basement and is very clean and nice too. Lakshmikant says their yoga is rather easy.

A very modern, clean temple. And very non-denominational... they have idols of the Lingam, Ram-Laxman, Krishna-Balram-Subhadra, the 8 Lakshmis... All sorts of Gods.

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