Thursday, November 16, 2006

Eating out in Ahmedabad

Ate out three times in a row over the last couple of days. Jahanvee, the restaurant that used to face the stinking Holy Hood slums, is now a very fancy Punjabi restaurant. I'd totally forgotten how spicy and fatty this stuff can be, and how easily can it kill you.

Celad Eatery (spell?) today had a few types of salads, a couple of soups, some sandwiches (desi grilled sandwiches - aloo mutter etc.), chocolate pudding, baked dish and so on. The fare was like at the SAP canteen in Palo Alto, but very Indian and hot and spicy. Not German.

Went to Basib (or Basil, not quite sure) today for dinner. Next to Bawarchi, it has a really amazing modern decor of the kind I've never seen anywhere else. Very cool - white chairs and sofas, nicely lit walls. Amazingly rich decor. VERY expensive but good food. A medium-sized pizza was Rs. 200 or more. Big menu with everything on it - Punjabi, Mexican, Chinese, Pau Bhaji... you name it.

For the first time in 10 years, I feel like a tourist in Ahmedabad. Everything is new: the roads are new, the places we go to are new, the people are all new (you hardly see any of the old faces on the streets and the ones whom you recognize look so much older too), the brands are all new - Reliance gas stations, for example... The prices are all new too.

I've heard it before and now I believe it: You can never go back home again. :(

The only thing permanent in this world is change.
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