Monday, November 20, 2006

Back in the West

(Nov 20, 2006 - Hong Kong)
The toilets have paper exclusively - no buckets, tumblers, water jets or hand showers (in fashion all over India currently) to wash the butt. Hong Kong Airport is EXTREMELY busy right now. Flights from Europe, N. America and Asia are all here.

There's a camera at the bottom of the 777 that shows the landing gear and the ground. Channel 54 shows the view on your personal TV set in front of your seat - the landing in Hong Kong was spectacular.

The US is adding a lot of overhead for its friends. 5 gates have been set aside for US-bound flights - with separate hand baggage checks etc. Even the flights to Israel have less stringent controls. It seems a bit overdone - this extra security - and somewhat meaningless. I was taken thru a 'random' security check and forced to throw away the two water bottles I was carrying with me. They were tiny bottles so I gulped the water down instead of throwing them away.

The aircraft to SFO is an old 747 - the one to Hong Kong was a brand spankin' new 777. No channel 54 on this plane. As long as it gets me home... The aircraft is totally full and flights will only get busier over the next few days.

There's a 3G cell phone network that my phone hooked up to - unfortunately my phone is not 3G-ready.

Estimated arrival time 12:09.

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