Saturday, November 25, 2006

All the King's Men

I finished a book in print after many many years. 'All The King's Men' is an American classic and 600 pgs long.

As classics go, it isn't in the same league as Les Miserables, but it's very entertaining nevertheless. The Willie Talos story of a well-meaning politician getting totally corrupted - almost fully knowingly - is wonderfully told. The other subplots meander around and are mostly irrelevant to the story. Otoh, these subplots give excellent insights about how Americans lived in the South in decades past.

I just saw Death of a Salesman (part of an assignment for one of my classes). (I know, no connection to your post, other than the fact that it's also a classic.) Amazing movie. Also saw "Wall Street" -- another excellent movie, but of course, not in the league of Death. The hard part (of the assignment) is to figure out the underlying theme in these movies. The third one that I haven't watched yet is "Tucker: The Man and his Dreams".
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