Sunday, October 29, 2006

Express train to KL

Waiting for the express train to KL Sentral. 7 min to go. Plan is to check out ChinaTown, Petronas Towers and the Communication Tower. it's too late to go the Orchid Park etc. I guess.

More than half the women are wearing head-scarves. Haven't seen a single burqa/hijab or anything tho'.

Now on the train...

Green - like Singapore... So green! Lot of the vegetation seems new.

Cool looking indoor stadium and a huge mosque-like structure. Lots of construction too. Very cool looking bridge. Big apartment buildings, tennis courts. No Mumbai- or Jakarta-like slums or shanty-towns yet. Quite a few little hills here.

3-4 huts by the railway track. Is this rail trip real or Disney-fied, I wonder. Amazing-looking golf course. I like the name of the currency - Ringitt - I also like Renminbi. Tired of dollar and rupee, how boring.

Shoot - it's raining... Now what! I guess it'll rain for a bit and stop and clear up. That's at least how it's supposed to be. Lot of big cars on road.

The airport is far, far from the city center. Should I go the communication tower or Petronas Tower? Either case I have to take the Putra line.

KL Sentral coming up.

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