Saturday, June 24, 2006

Corruption and its consequences: New Delhi DMV

A simple but insightful study in the consequences of corruption. We all know this, but it's always great to have some numbers to work with as the world drags India and Indians into the 21st century.

Interesting read. But it is hardly a study of consequences of corruption. The implicit assumption here is that more of corruptly-gotten driver's licenses mean more accidents and consequent loss to society, but till they show that ill-gotten licenses actually lead to more accidents in India, the argument is null. Auto accidents account for 37% of accidental deaths in India, as compared to 44% for the United States...what does that say?
RTO written test ? I wonder what the questions are like. The traffic situation is so chaotic, I sometimes wonder if anyone can ever genuinely get a traffic violation ticket !!!
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