Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tale of Two Banquets

Anshu and I went to two banquets yesterday. The one in the morning was organized by Chhandam, Anshu's dance school. The one in the evening was organized by the Sankara Eye Foundation.

The morning event was a crisp production, with some wonderful kathak performances, and was free. The evening event was $50 per person, with some not-so-great entertainment and poor mc'ing.

Guess which one raised more money. Some of the single donations at the evening performance exceeded all the donations at the morning event. Quite mind-boggling. The Sankara goal was to collect $0.5M at the event, and they probably succeeded at it.

The Sankara message is crisp - we build eye hospitals in India. The Chhandam message is - we uplift you spiritually. The physical trumps the spiritual, or something like that...

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