Sunday, March 19, 2006

End of An Era

Tendulkar and Lara, both on their way out at the same time. Wonder if they'll survive till the World Cup. They are basically at the mercy of their respective Cricket Boards.

Dont agree, dude - Neither Tendulkar nor Lara is at the mercy of their boards.

Even now, Lara (or Sarwan) has been offered the captaincy of the team. Lara may probably decline, but knowing that he was the first choice for the job means he is practically indispensable as far as the board is concerned.

As for Sachin, he can walk into the team the moment he recovers from surgery. very likely venugopal rao / kaif will make way for him in the ODI team, and VVS Laxman could be shown the door in the test team (in order to get Raina also to play).

The era hasnt ended - yet.

nice blog. what's up otherwise?
- Srini
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