Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bluffmaster soundtrack

Both Mandar and Gaurav told me about it and I'm listening to it on lo-fi Smashits, and it still sounds awesome. I was going to buy the CD yesterday and somehow didn't. I wonder who these guys are - Vishal and Shekhar. They are good. I'm not sure if I like Abhishek's voice on some of the tracks - would have been better to use a professional singer maybe. Otoh, it might sound more authentic to have his voice when the song plays in the movie.

Yesterday, Jurm was playing on Zee TV and it had a song with Adnan Sami singing - for Bobby Deol. That was utterly ridiculous.

I read somewhere that South Korean rap is all the rage in China. I wonder if Indian hip-hop has a chance there. I went to this Chinese friend's place for dinner last year, and all the Chinese folks around the table could sing "Aawara Hoon" quite well.

Dude, Abishek's voice is awesome on the hip-hop remix. AND -- you should see the movie! BTW, we're all over It rocks.
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