Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Beautifully put - why Google should not yield to China

All through the 80s, Doordarshan showed us what Indira Gandhi and her family wanted to see. Until StarTV opened up our minds to the world. Imagine if the Gandhis were allowed to censor StarTV and others too. Google shouldn't yield to China's demands. This article on Slate puts it very nicely:

Google and the others should remember that censorship runs counter to what brought them success. Without the free flow of information the Internet allows, each of them would be a fraction of the size they are today. Instead of rejiggering their products and mission for each country, they should apply one set of ethical standards across all borders. A global code of ethics might also make business sense. One standard always costs less than several different ones. If it's more efficient to build one camera for every market than 20 different cameras for 20 different markets, then wouldn't the same be true in information technology?

Nah. I disagree. Here is my response.

If people were to stick to "Global" ethical standards, there wouldn't be any outsourcing.
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