Thursday, December 29, 2005

IISc attack

Let's assume for a moment that the attacks in Bangalore were organized and/or executed by Kashmiri terrorists. It's hard to come up with a good rationale for their actions. If they are trying to scare the tech industry, they are not going to be particularly successful. They will have to work a lot harder to scare the foreign investors also. Bangalore is quite far from Kashmir and they are not going to be able to attack very frequently.

The only reason I could think of is this: They are not getting any more international attention by attacking targets in Kashmir or Northern India. By piggybacking on the Bangalore craze in the international press, they want to bring their cause back to the front pages of international magazines (like Time).

It is of course possible that this attack had no connection with Kashmir at all. It once again confirms India's position as the most violent country in the world today, barring none.

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