Saturday, December 17, 2005

How the Legislative Process Affects Us

There's been a retrogression in the greencard process just when it seemed it was getting close for me. Now some Senators have a recapture clause (8001 - to make more visas available and counter the effects of retrogression) to the Senate Budget Bill, but the House did not pass that measure. A conference committee will work on the bill and try to hammer out a compromise.

Indians, usually quite oblivious to the nitty-gritty of the US political process, have suddenly gotten very very active and are lobbying lawmakers actively. There's a webfax website set up and the level of activity on immigration-related forums remains high.

Whether this effort succeeds or fails, it is already educating desi techies in the workings of Washington: I had no idea how conference committees worked - now I do; I had no idea who is on the House Judiciary Committee - now I do...

Some of the guys leading this campaign are bound to become lawmakers and lobbyists in the coming years.

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