Friday, November 11, 2005

Indian Trip

A couple of things to write about: India-SL match at Motera Stadium and live cricket; the Amdavad Autobahn.

tell us more yaar. yeh ek sentence description mein kuch maza nahin aaya.

Hey, what do you think about Shashi Tharoor? Would he make a good key-note speaker for an "India Biz" conference? A lot of people like him because of his UN connection, but isn't he considered to be a disinterested outsider (my words) as far as Indian grassroots movements are concerned?

And how does one leave comments about your reading/listening habits?

Have you read White Teeth (?) by Z. Smith? I think I have a copy, but of course, I'll have to wait until after this MBA-life to get to it...

And this is so much more convenient than emails...

So Amratya (sp?) Sen, Javed Akhtar (sp?) et al were at UC for a conference organized by the law-school. Of course, I missed it. But, they did screen "The Boy in the Branch" -- prequel to "The Man in the Tree"; I'd seen the latter at Stanford some years ago, and had quite liked it, even though the audience reaction had been a little underwhelming...
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