Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Corpus Christi

Hurricane Rita may hit Corpus Christi head on, and it's being evacuated right now. I called up Russ (my contact at the city government there) yesterday and he was not worried at all. "Maybe it'll hit over the weekend - there's still some time," he said. I called him up today to ask him a question about our project with the City, and he was quite annoyed. He was preparing to move his family out. Oops! It was insensitive of me. The situation had changed. Russ, Corpus Christi, best of luck!

I don't think the buildings there are designed to handle this type of a hurricane. I remember hearing the phrase "Category 3 hurricane" in a conversation there (the tone implied that "Category 3 hurricane" = "an impossible event"). I hope the WiFi boxes don't fly off the poles.

I think the city will be fine. New Orleans didn't suffer any significant damage from the storm itself - it was the levees that caused all the grief. No weird geography here.

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