Sunday, September 25, 2005

Chappell v Ganguly

I thought Chappell and Ganguly were best friends. Didn't Ganguly go to Australia to get Chappell's advice that helped him return to form previously? Wonder what went wrong.

It shouldn't even be a matter of debate - Ganguly has to go. What a ridiculous farce!

They were never best of friends. While Ganguly went to Chappell for advice, Ganguly was going to the media and to every newspaper that would listen to trash talk Ganguly. This is back in 2002 and 2003 I mean. He is doing the same thing now. Ganguly has finally woken up to what Chappell is all about, and realised that suggesting Chappell as the new coach was a very, very bad idea.
I mean Chappell went to the media. Ack. Well, I'm sure you figured that out. If you can't remember Chappell and his Bishen Bedi-like ways, then just do a google search on the issues. It was quite well publicised. Ganguly was very naive for ever thinking that Chappell would do anything other than immediately sack Ganguly.
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