Monday, September 19, 2005

Advani's Exit

I'm not going to waste any tears over Advani. I never really liked him. (He did give me a medal for my tenth position in Gujarat Board in Std. XII. Did he say "Bahot bahot shubhkamnayen"? I think he did. He was the Member of Parliament for Gandhinagar, and our part of Ahmedabad falls within the Gandhinagar constituency.)

When Advani made those comments about Jinnah in Pakistan, I thought this was all a well-orchestrated move to remake his image as that of a centrist figure a la Vajpayee. RSS would act all worked up and that will only increase Advani's appeal among the more centrist people. It's still possible that this exit from BJP presidency in December may not materlialize at all.

I like the new look very much. Nice side-bar too.
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