Saturday, January 03, 2004

Will 705 be enough?

Watching how easily the Indians batted on day 2 of the final Ind-Aus test match at SCG - scoring at 3.71 runs per over, I'd be surprised if the Aussies don't get going at a 5+ runs per over scoring pace. There are still 260 overs left in this match (at the end of India's first innings). At 5 runs per over, the Aussies can still score 900 runs, with 80 overs left to bowl India out.

That's the tough part - even at Melbourne, the Indians batted for 99.5 overs in the second innings before being bowled out. With Gillespie in the side, the Aussies have a slightly better chance, but not things aren't going to be all that different.

To provide the Indians with a 300 run second innings target, and to give themselves 100 overs to bowl the Indians out, the Aussies would need to score 1000 runs in 160 overs, at a 6+ runs/over pace. That sounds like a tall order for the world champs, and it would be a first of sorts. But it doesn't sound totally impossible to me, considering how pedestrian the Indian bowling attack for the match is.

It seems, though, that the Aussies will probably try to bat for 200 overs and score about 1000 runs.

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