Monday, March 10, 2003

Best-of-three finals

At this point, it seems like Australia and New Zealand or India will be the finalists. Let's say Australia loses in the finals because of some freak Duckworth-Lewis situation. They will be crying from the rooftops for a best-of-three finals (after everything is finished, of course). They will talk about their own "World Series" and how it is a fairer competition - never mind that it goes on longer than the World Cup even though there are just 3 teams playing usually. So... here is my suggestion: like the Indians petitioned for a non-day/night semifinal game, the Aussies should petition for a best-of-three final. They could even suggest that only 2 games need be played (the third game could be the one that has already been played between the two finalists in the league round or the Super Six).

India vs SL

Oh boy! So this is India's longest winning streak at the World Cup - 6 in a row. It might even be the longest for an Indian team abroad.

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